Pictures by Fotostudio Uyttebroeck - Verschueren


Paul discovered his passion for hospitality at a young age. Under the watching eye of head chef Syrco Bakker (Pure C*) Paul was able to develop his skills and focus on the fascinating world of beverages. 

He further expanded his expertise during various internships in London (Whistlingshop)
Barcelona (Tickets bar / 41 grados) and Chicago (The Aviary). In 2014 Paul moved to Antwerp to set up and manage the bar at the Jane for Sergio Herman.

Later on Paul went his own way with Atelier Paul Morel where he currently shares his knowledge through consultancy, product development and events.  Working together with professionals, being surrounded by guests, creating new recipes and challenging the extremes, is what Paul loves doing most.  Always inspired by his travels and eagerness to test different concepts with chefs and other professionals.

His liquid creations represent creativity, purity and a unique experience which he likes tolink to food and funky kitchen techniques. After having worked in Japan at the organic sake brewery Terada Honke, Paul uses this versatile drink whenever he can.